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Henrik (Speedrun)

When will English version of the game be released!

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Hello everyone!
.Yesterday, one of my gaming mates from a previous pw server told me about this one. And I must say, it is a good one. Even better the server is fresh new and many exciting things to unfold. But, it is alittle bit hard playing, when you know 0 Russian. I have layed this game for many years, but still some things that makes things harder with the language barrier.
I did hear that an English version of the game would be released, not sure of yet as there is no information stating there on the website. As of now I tried to download both the Russian version and the English one. On the English version, i try log in with the Account information that works on the Russian Version. it only says this:

The Russian version worked, and so far level 10 there.

Ohh, something else I wanna suggest, is that there is LOTS of walking from quest to quest. Having cheaper Teleport stones would really speed things up making progression much quicker.
-Genie is a fun addition of the game, especially with the genie skill, Holy Path, granting you a big speed boost for a short time.

- The Tideborn, Earthguard and Nightshade races/classes are really fun to play. What do you think about adding them to a 1.3.6 version of the game? It would be fun to play them with their uniqueness, but balancing them might be alittle difficult. I do believe it is possible to balance them in a 1.3.6 version.

So far as I have played, things are balanced and there have been two streamers whom I have seen so far. That is fun too. In later versions of PWI, there was the Level 100 Rush, which made things less fun. What I do like about this version is that PvP is balanced, as in PWI you had always to follow the latest trend and keep up with it. That is hard for people whom only plays casually, 1h daily or less frequent. I strongly believe in customization, that you can craft your own armor/gear that fits uniquely to you, and not just R9 set. That is another cool thing about the older versions, that your own crafted gear can be good or sometimes even greater than Twilight Temple Gear

- Have lots of more ideas and cool things to share in the future. Keep up the good work and keep being great!

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Идет мужик по берегу озера, видит: какой-то парень черпает рукой воду из
озера и пьет. Мужик кричит:
- Зачем ты пьешь эту грязную воду, сюда все мусор бросают, заводы отходы
сливают, со всей деревни говносток сюда выходит!
- What did you say?
- Да я говорю: двумя руками черпай!

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