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Thepw game server rules

1. Generalities

1.1.  By registering an account, you automatically agree to these rules and agree to comply with them.

1.2.  Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation, the player is obliged to independently monitor changes in this agreement. 

1.3.  The administration reserves the right to make any changes/updates on the server and forum without prior notice to Players.

1.4.  The administration has the right at any time, without explanation, to stop providing access to the server to a particular user or subnet as a whole.      

1.5. In case of failures in the server, the Administration takes all necessary actions to restore its performance as soon as possible.

1.6.  The administration reserves the right to intervene in the course of gaming and forum events at its sole discretion (in resolving controversial gaming moments and in certain exceptional cases that may harm the server and / or the gameplay)

1.7.  The administration is not responsible for: possible illegal actions of the user; loss by the user of possibility of access to the game account-the account of the user in game (loss of login, the password, other information necessary for participation of the user in game); loss of game property, etc.as a result of ignorance of rules of game and safety rules of use of game service.

1.8.The administration does not restore resources lost by players in case of unforeseen circumstances and events (force majeure).

1.9. The administration does not exchange game values, as well as in-game currencies, for other game values, cash or non-cash money.

2. Gameplay

2.1. It is forbidden to use the software (or distribute information about it) affecting in any way the operation of the server or the gameplay. The use of any software that emulates the user's actions in the game. Hacking / attempted hacking of software components and / or server and server database. Any modification, distribution of modified materials of the game in whole or in parts. The use of a software error. Interception of data coming to or from the server is prohibited. 

2.2.  The use of any in-game errors and errors of any related software in the game is prohibited.  The player is obliged to immediately inform the Administration about the noticed bug, error, defect of the game or server SOFTWARE. And also about the violator using similar errors. Concealment of this information is regarded as complicity.

2.3. It is forbidden to use and conceal game values and money (yuan and gold) directly or indirectly obtained as a result of the use of third-party software. In the event of such a situation, the player must immediately report the violation to the Administration. 

2.4. It is forbidden to use in the General channels/services of communication in the game and on the forum: profanity, insults, threats of violence or physical violence, insulting relatives and friends of players or provocation to such insults, advertising drugs, pornographic materials, propaganda of intolerance to racial, national, religious, cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation, as well as to encourage such actions and statements made by other players.    

* Insulting relatives is considered a serious violation.

2.5. It is forbidden to use any obscene, offensive words and symbols in any form in the names or descriptions of characters, guilds and other game objects. Prohibited from in game and on forum: the creation names characters, names hyphenated, in-game facilities, containing obscene vocabulary, insulting other players.

2.6. Banned flood(have repeatedly repeated or meaningless messages) in gaming chat (General, trade, klans, global or private). Abuse of capital letters (Caps Lock) when communicating in world chat.

2.7. It is forbidden to interfere with privacy in the game and on the forum. Insult, humiliation of players using real photos/personal private correspondence, harassment, harassment and blackmail based on private private communication (photos and messages related to sexual-virtual communication)  

* The administration reserves the right to give its own final linguistic assessment of the compliance of any phrases and words under paragraphs 2.4 - 2.6, and an assessment of the severity of the violation under paragraph 2.7

2.8. Prohibited from in game and on forum: the creation names characters, names hyphenated, in-game facilities communities and organizations players and any other signs differences, indicating affiliation to Administration or GM-composition. Representing yourself or pointing to other users in front of other players as an employee/friend / relative of the administration Or GM.

2.9. It is forbidden to advertise and distribute information about third-party resources that are not related to the project and / or prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation or other similar laws of the countries where the player resides. Public discussion of bugs, cheats, hacks, scripts, links to websites and any SOFTWARE that violates the balance of the game and harms the server, as well as giving advantages over other players.

2.10. Prohibited hacking, fraud, unauthorized access to someone else's game account. Unauthorized access to personal information of users, distribution or use of information that allows access to the accounts of other users (in the game or on the project forum). It is prohibited to intentionally mislead other players in order to gain access to their player accounts.

2.11.   Trading game values is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by players in trading transactions are not considered by the Administration. The transfer (and possible subsequent non-return) of any game values carried out by the players themselves is not considered by the Administration, responsibility for errors and voluntary transfer/donation of their game values is borne by their owner.

2.12. Trading game characters and accounts in any form is prohibited. Trading game values for non-game monetary units is prohibited. Transfer of game accounts is prohibited. Trading in-game services between players for non-game values is prohibited.  In case of detection of the fact of purchase/sale/exchange/transfer, the game account of the offender will be blocked. Expressing a desire to sell the account is also regarded as a violation.  

* Violation of this paragraph is monitored and verified by the administration, which in turn should not and is not obliged to prove anything to other participants of the game, because the actions to verify and / or reasonable and evidence-based complaints are confidential and this information is secret. This is also due to numerous cases of attempts to defraud violators (buyers/sellers) Administration in the proceedings, even after the violation of the rules.

2.13. It is forbidden to intentionally commit any actions that impede or make it impossible to access the game to other users, the creation of intentional interference in the game for other users, not provided for by the existing gameplay. Hindering the performance of game actions and / or tasks not provided for by the General gameplay, as well as intentional Commission of any actions that make it difficult or impossible for the Administration or GM to perform their duties.  Killing players (PK-Player Killing) on the server is a game moment and is not punished, except as provided by this paragraph.

3. Guilds

3.1.  Players have the right to create, delete, manage guilds indefinitely at their discretion.

3.2. It is forbidden to use ambiguous, offensive, provocative names and logos in the symbols and names of the Guild.

3.3. It is forbidden to use indicate that the Administration names and logos in symbols and the names of the Guild.


4. Interaction with the administration

4.1. It is forbidden to contact the Administration or GM server unless absolutely necessary.  Any appeal to the Administration should contain a clear statement of the player's problem. Before applying, check whether your question was raised on the forum of the game. Prohibited from to invite the GM-and on aid in the world chat, for this there is ad hoc button.

4.2. Prohibited from: disrespectful attitude, rudeness, slander, threats, blackmail and deception in worded Administration, provocations in side Administration, discussion actions and work Administration server and the most server, as on forum, so and in game, clearly expressed discontent changes in gaming process and updates, as a consequence inadequate behavior, provocative messages in chat, incitement players on committing data action. Prohibited the introduction of disorder into the life of the server, public "care" and "distribution of armor", which aim at the destabilization of public opinion about the server, spreading rumors. Disinformation of interlocutors about the actions of the Administration is prohibited.

4.3.  It is forbidden to argue and challenge the actions of the administration (including GM-s) in any form. Prohibited from discussion punishments in chat rooms and on forum. (To do this, it is possible to submit a valid complaint to the support service: support@thepw.ru).

4.4. It is forbidden to annoy the Administration with questions that do not concern the gameplay.

4.5.  It is forbidden to write the administration with proposals for "shadow" donation, all donations can be sent using LK

4.6 . It is forbidden to intentionally mislead GM.

4.7.  It is forbidden to interfere with the work of GM's.

4.8. The publication and disclosure of correspondence (or its contents) with the Administration or GM without prior approval is prohibited.

*In case of disagreement with the actions of the GM, the player can write a complaint to the support service: support@thepw.ru. the Complaint must be stated reasoned, without emotion and violations of other points of the rules, and must be confirmed by a screenshot or video file. 

5. Other situation

5.1 . The administration has the right to reduce / increase the sentence or replace it with a more severe one at its discretion. All accounts belonging to the same player may be sanctioned for violating the rules on one of them.

5.2. Players have the right to address to Administration for protection of the honor and advantage, and also to report in writing about violation by other players of rules of the server.

* The administration checks the appeals and in case of a false complaint, provocation, the applied Player may also be subject to appropriate sanctions.

5.3. If a player commits an act that is clearly detrimental to the organization of the game and/or the gameplay, but not expressly stipulated in the rules, the Administration has the right to impose a punishment adequate to the committed act (up to the removal of the account), even if it is not provided by the rules of the project.

6. Additional bans on the forum

6.1. To speak off-topic (offtopic, flood, flame). Especially it is unacceptable to create one user a few posts in a row in one topic – use edit, if you want to add something.

6.2. To create topics similar to existing ones.

6.3. Abuse large letters and "special effects" like color text or "emoticons".

6.4. Hyperlink.

6.5. Create themes or messages that carry undocumented allegations, slander, deceit other users or Administration.

6.6. To call subject not in accordance with its substance.

6.7. The deliberate creation of a number of accounts in order to evade punishment on the previous ones.

6.8 changing the topics/messages for the introduction of the gamblers ' fallacy/server administration.

The red color of the font in the game and on the forum uses only administration.

Players ignoring this point can be blocked, and their messages changed/removed.


This site and server are in no way related to LLC "Mail.ru", Astrum Online Entertainment Limited, Pekin Perfect World Co. If you want to play the full version of the game, then you need to go to the official server LLC "Mail.ru" http://pw.mail.ru. Our server is a demo and does not use an updated version of the game.

By connecting to the server, browsing the site and using it, you remain a guest of this resource, have the right to stay on the resource and use the resource, connect to the server and stay on it as long as you do not violate any of the conditions or rules described above.

*The administration reserves the right to make changes to the set of rules without explaining the reasons and purposes of these changes.  All changes to the rules may be retroactive.


Last changes made 03.12.2019