General rules of the server

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General rules of the server

Сообщение ThePWsupport » 02 июн 2017, 14:21

1. General provisions

1.1. Administration reserves the right to make any changes, updates on the server without preliminary notifications of the players.
1.2. Administration has the right to restrain the access to the server to the concrete user or the whole net without explaining the reasons at any moment.
1.3. Administration reserves the right to interrupt the game process and forum activity on the personal discretion.
1.4. Administration is not responsible for losing game property etc. as a result of ignorance of the game rules and rules of the safety of use of the game service.
1.5. On registering your personal account you automatically agree with these rules and agree to obey them.
1.6. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for breaking them, the player must check the changes in this agreement.

2. Game process

2.1. It is forbidden to use or to distributethe software affecting the work of the server or the game process.
2.2.It is forbidden to use bugs of the game or server software.
2.3. The player must immediately inform the administration about noticed bug, error, defect of the game or server software and about the player using such errors. Hiding this kind of information is treated as complicity.
2.3.1. It is forbidden to use or to hide game property or money straight or indirectly gained as a result of using the third-party software. In the case of such situation the player should inform the administration immediately.
2.4. It is forbidden to use profanity, offensive language, threats of violence or physical reprisal, insults of parents and close to the players people or provocations to such insults, advertising of drugs, pornographic materials, propaganda of racial, national, religious, cultural, ideological, sex, language or political belonging and to encourage such actions or utterances made by other players in the common communication channel or service of the communication in the game and on the forum.
2.5. It is forbidden to use any obscene, offensive words or symbols in any form in the name or descriptions of the characters, guilds or other game objects,
2.6. It is forbidden to spam lots of repeating and pointless messages in the game chat (local, trade, guild, world or private).
2.7. It is forbidden to create characters, names of the items, in-game objects or profiles on the forum containing obscene language offending other players.
*Administration reserves the right to give its own final linguistic estimate of any words and phrases on the paragraphs 2.4. -2.6. and estimate of the severity of the infringement on the paragraph 2.7.
2.8. It is forbidden to create characters, names of the items, in-game objects, guilds and groups of players or profiles on the forum pointing at the belonging to the administration.
2.9. It is forbidden to advertise or distribute the information about outside internet resources.
2.10. It is forbidden to hack, cheat, unauthorized access to another player’s account. Deceive other players on purpose to gain access to their personal accounts.
2.11. In-game trading of the game property executes by the players themselves and any mistakes made by the participants of the trading relations are on their conscience.
2.12. It is forbidden to trade game accounts and characters. It is forbidden to trade game property for money. It is forbidden to pass your account. In case of the detection of selling/buying/trading/passing your game account will be banned.
2.13. It is forbidden to perform any actions making the process of the game difficult or even impossible for players to connect, making obstacles for other players in game not provided by the existing game process (Player Killing – PK on the server is a game moment which is not to be punished for except the cases envisaged by this paragraph.

3. Guilds

3.1. Players have the right to create, delete, rule the guilds unlimitedly at their discretion.
3.2. It is forbidden to use ambiguous, offensive, provoking names and avatars in symbolic and names of the guilds.
3.3. It is forbidden to use names and avatars in symbolic and names of the guild pointing at the belonging to the administration.

4. Communication with administration

4.1. It is forbidden to address to the administration or GM of the server without extreme necessity. Any address to the administration should contain clear explaining of the problem of the player. Before addressing to the administration you should check the forum of the game on purpose if your question was already asked.
4.2. It is forbidden to disrespect, offend, threat, blackmail or cheat the administration, discussion of the actions and work of the administration as on the forum as in the game.
4.3. It is forbidden to argue with the administration of the server and dispute on its actions.
4.4. It is forbidden to annoy the administration with the questions which are not related to the game process.
4.5. It is forbidden to publish the correspondence with the administration or the GM without preliminary ballot.
4.6. In case of the disagreement with the actions of the GM, the player has the right to write to the support. The complaint should be reasonable, without emotions and breaking of the other paragraphs of the rules and should be supported with video or screenshot.

This web-site and server is not connected with Astrum Online Interteinment Limited, Pekin Perfect World Co. If you want to play full version of the game you need to go to the official server through this link … . Our server is demonstrational and does not use the latest version of the game.
Connecting to the server, surfing and using the web-site you are the guest of this internet resource, have a right to stay at this resource and use it, connect to the server and stay on it until you break any of conditions or rules described in this theme.
The administration has a right to make changes in the rules without explaining the reasons and purposes of those changes.
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